welcome to my mind

god i really am STUPID jeez i really cant figure out all this computer stuff but once i find out how i can add links and change the background color this'll be a pretty cool site!! but until then heres some facts about me
  • 1. i am 16 (as of 2 weeks ago)
  • 2. i am a female (ooh edgy teenage girl i know)
  • 3. i am 'selectively mute' (a form of social anxiety i had growing up, but now im rid of most of the anxiety and just have no desire to speak!!)
  • 4. i only have like 3 friends maybe and im not exactly close with them and they all piss me off, so not really friends, just people that let me sit at their lunch table so i dont get laughed at
  • 5. i am a fat ugly little piggy! i love pigs because they are so disgusting and undignified and i relate to them. oh and this is probably a good time to mention number 6
  • 6. i have a slight eating disorder? well my moms side of the family is all obese hillbillies so i picked up that gene but then i got a fast metabolism from my dad. ive been stuck in this chubbyish state my whole life of like 130lbs (im 5'3 so i carry most of that on my legs and stomach) which isnt exactly "fat" but i dont look the way i want to. i wish i were 5'7 108lbs, because all smart people are skinny and tall and if my brains rotten the least i can do is LOOK smart!! but processed sugars and junk food have destroyed my brain and theyre all i eat anymore. good thing for the fast metabolism, or id be well over 200lbs at this point. oh yeah, and i try to starve myself a lot.
  • 7. im a pretty> girl? i think i could have supermodel potential if i just starved enough and had less acne and everything yknow. just to give you a rough idea, i look sort of like angelina jolie. we have similar lips and eyes, but my face is super chubby! i have huge baby cheeks that make me look really young and immature and i hate it!! its on my neck too, so i nearly have a double chin and its disgusting! sometimes it makes me feel so ugly i dont wanna leave the house, but thank god for turtlenecks so i can just cover my mouth with those hahaja
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